awkward & awesome thursday!

-This photo. Thumbs up?

-My ironing skills. I am horrible at ironing.
-Sleep talking. Oh, the things I've been saying to Bry the past few months...
    "Are these spelling words too hard for you?"
    "That's their side!"
    "Where is everyone?!"
    and my personal favorite... "COUPONS!"
-My strong desire for fall fashion right now. I said this last time, but I am dying to wear jeans, boots, sweaters, and scarves. Can't really do that in 80 degrees.

-Getting into a routine of cooking dinner most weeknights. Yayyy for me cooking 3 nights this week (I'm ashamed to say this is a record for me... but I'm working on it!)
-Making pork chops with steamed broccoli and skipping a side just so we can have chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cup ice cream for dessert.
-Bry's responses to my sleep talking.. A: "Where's my basket?" B: "Over here, babe" You are too funny, Mister. Gotcha back though!
-Ironing B's clothes that came out of the dryer all wrinkly. Took me about 40 minutes (again, see awkward), but I scored major wife points on that one. Hubby was proud :)
-3 more weeks of summer left!
-Hubby let me organize and finish decorating our bedroom (meaning, he let me go to Target and buy a few things). It is now my favorite room to hang out in!
-Watching the LOST series again with B. This time at a much slower pace, however, it is just one of the best. shows. ever!

Off to cook dinner and maybe watch LOST or Shark Week. Either way, I'm a happy girl!

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