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Here's a little bit of news for you: we're moving! We're leaving our little first apartment together in the heart of Black Rock and making another place our new home. The hubby and I decided that we really can't afford to live in a six room apartment. So we are making use of the resources we have and moving into Bryan's parent's in-law apartment. Its vacant and we can really save some money moving over there, so we decided to do it. That leaves us less than 3 weeks to move everything out before school starts back up for me.

Here's a few pictures of my favorite little first home with B...

So... my to-do list just has just quadrupled in its size. This is what the list looks like today:
1. Plan a meal for dinner tonight. 
2. Wash dishes (and put them away- hate that part)
3. Call Att Uverse, UI, and the gas company to find out their cancellation policies. 
4. Start packing.
5. Try not to take a nap.
6. Tidy up the apartment because the landlord is coming over to show the apartment to another possible tenant...*
7. Remember to pick-up Bryan at the train station.
8. Cook dinner.
9. Go to bed early and begin packing tomorrow...

Goodness.. Better start now!

*How are you supposed to keep an apartment "clean & tidy" when you are trying to pack and move out?!

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