a few boring things.

this is how I feel about today

1. I woke up this morning extremely congested and nasal-y with a killer sinus headache. Bry went home early from work with a pounding headache and dizziness. Things aren't lookin too bright in the Johnston house.

2. We've been trying to figure out whose going to watch their "show" tonight. The Grey's Anatomy season premiere is 2 hours from 9-11. Sunny is on at 10. There's one cable box.

3. I'm totally loving "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood. Download it. You won't regret it!

4. I don't like our couches. These were my parent's couches and they are just old and not comfy- not the type of couches that you can just let yourself fall into and lay there all day. These are like a velvet-material where it makes you hot sitting on them too long. Dreaming of new ones. Dreaming in my bed, where I can actually sleep, of course.

5. And... it's supposed to rain for the next week. Literally. We had planned to maybe go to the Big E this weekend, but it's looking a little gloomy. So we will probably sit home most of the time. Which is almost always okay by me.

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