irene came to town

The infamous Irene. Oh, what a pain in the neck.

 awaiting irene- we decided to finish unpacking.

 here she is- technically, not yet, but its pouring and extremely windy

we woke up in the morning to some serious wind 

and it was still raining

we moved my car at one point because this tree looked pretty shaky.  

and then she left. so we went exploring.

the beach doesn't usually have a pond. there's a garbage can over by that sign sticking up.

many roads were blocked off by police cars. 

this poor neighborhood was at least 1 ft under water.

probably should have thought about downed power lines in the water. but i'm ok :)

a seagull joined us on our walk at one point.

sandcastle park

victoria's secret boarded up

downed power line and tree on the way to sasco

this house luckily didn't see much damage, but it did meet a tree

saw these everywhere. 

Irene began around Saturday night and left around Sunday early afternoon. We lost power Sunday morning and did not get it back until Wednesday afternoon. The first day or two, having no power was kinda fun. However, once the fridge/freezer warmed up and our kitchen started to smell and we had greasy hair from no hot water, it was time to be over. Luckily, my parents' house didn't lose power so I was able to get a few showers in and cook the frozen meat we had in our freezer. This is what we did to entertain ourselves....
cards and monopoly

I think this whole event has made me appreciate having electricity. Not that I need a blow-dryer all the time or that I don't like lighting candles. I can manage that. Its the cold showers and the constant worrying about the food in the freezer that's sandwiched between two melting bags of ice. I am grateful that we didn't see any more damage. 

My first day back at work was optional because there was no power at school. I went in for a few hours to start organizing but left because I was too hungry. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were long days and I need to take a night to just relax. 

Happy September!

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