the sunday five

1. It's amazing how church can be so refreshing on a Sunday morning.

2. After a quite lazy-feeling day yesterday, we accomplished a lot today- 2 oil changes, 2 cars washed,  the apartment floors vacuumed and cleaned, and dinner is served (yummy chicken and veggie kabobs). Did I mention it was hubby that washed, vacuumed, and detailed both of our cars? I am so grateful and will always always be neat in the car!

3. Photobooth is one of the best inventions ever. Add a dog and you can sit for hours.

A very photogenic Jax
4. Yesterday, we went to Bath & Body Works in search of fall-scented candles. And we left... with 4.
{apple crumble, leaves, creamy pumpkin, and cinnamon sugared donut- yes. Go to Bath & Body Works and buy these. You will not regret it!}

5. Bry: "We just ate a healthy-nutritious-delicious meal and now we'll follow it up with an unhealthy-seminutritious-but-very-delicious dessert" aka 16 Handles. The man knows the way to my heart.

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