nyc on a fall weekend afternoon

Recently, Bry and I have seemed to have weekend days where we can't figure out what to do. As we went for an afternoon hike, we decided we wanted to go into New York City for the remainder of the afternoon and evening. We raced back home to change and catch a train and then didn't even end up taking the train. Instead, we drove in to Brad & Jacki's apartment.

We arrived at their apartment and still couldn't decide what to do- this happens when the four of us are together. We usually always have the discussion... "what do you wanna eat?" "I dunno" "I don't care" "You decide"...

However, we wanted to walk in Central Park, so we strolled on over.
It was the perfect time of late afternoon to take some photos at the reservoir. 

Of course Starbucks was a must before we walked very far at all. 


We found flowers in a park. Hubs called this "He loves me not".

the met

love this shot. 

Bry was actually a little proud of himself for this one. Everyone else is blurry but somehow I turned out in focus.. He always captures some pretty cool shots. 

We took the subway down to SoHo and ate a delicious Italian meal in...Little Italy. Then we went to an Italian pastry shop for dessert.

We had a ton of fun heading into NYC and being a bit spontaneous. We didn't really have much of a plan before we got into the city but made the best of a clear and crisp fall evening. I feel spontaneity can always make things more fun!

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