a whirlwind

My brain hurts. Like really hurts...

Here's the scoop...
We've been home for about 24 hours.
 I worked today and then went shopping for a few things- no luck for all that I went to buy. 
I just unpacked my suitcase and started laundry, only to pack again tomorrow for a 5 day trip. 
On Wednesday, we're leaving at 12:00 {right at dismissal} to drive 4.5 hours {hopefully with little traffic} to get to a rehearsal dinner on Wednesday night in Lancaster, PA. 
Thursday is Thanksgiving with our friend's family. 
Friday's the big wedding- for which I couldn't find a dress today. 
On Saturday, we're driving from Lancaster to Philly {1-1.5 hours} to celebrate our one year anniversary {which is Sunday}. 
Sunday, we're due to drive home {hopefully again with no traffic, but doubtful for the Sunday after Thanksgiving}. 
We're going to watch the video of our wedding and eat the top tier of our cake. 
Next Monday's back to work and Tuesday is hubby's birthday {which shall be celebrated the next weekend- as well as get our Christmas tree}! 

Can you tell how scattered and dizzy my brain feels right now? I can't wait for a day where I don't have to do anything at all! Lots of pictures and posts to come soon!


  1. You are one busy gal! Um, I would think you were crazy if you DIDN'T feel dizzy! :) Hope you guys have fun & safe travels of course. Any ideas on what you're going to do for a dress? xoxo :)

  2. Thank you! Found a super cute dress at JCrew today. So happy and loving it. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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