7 deadly sins

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Apologies for my lack of posts lately. This time, I'm blaming the dead of winter (ie my love of being cozy inside watching TV) and my new love for knitting. Hey, I'm not a granny, it's just relaxing... okay?!

I found this here and she got it from here. It's a link up, kids. So fill one out yourself and meet some other bloggers!

seven great things in your life
bryan p. johnston
our families- so supportive and loving
our cars are both working and both paid for
my students
our friends who are so sweet to us
my metabolism
teaching schedule- summers off!

seven things you lack and covet
a new wardrobe
a bigger salary
discipline to maintain a yoga routine
our very own puppy
the desire to eat healthy meals
to be able to vacation wherever whenever
hair full of volume

seven things that make you angry
bad drivers
losing electricity for more than a day
when people don't follow through on their word
watching a tv show with 40 commercials
being woken up with the overhead light
when I don't eat anything for 6+ hours 

seven things that you neglect to do
cleaning up my clothes
getting an oil change
have more patience
paying bills
pick up the 10 empty water bottles out of my car that roll around everywhere
say i love you enough

seven worldly material desires
a house
more cash {duh}
a person that will blow dry my hair for me everyday
a Chevy Equinox
an unlimited free supply of Jcrew clothes every season
a new & cozy couch
weekly manicure/pedicures

seven guilty pleasures
bejeweled blitz
newlyweds: nick & jessica
16 handles fro yo
laying out in the summer for the entire day

seven things you love about love
3am late night chats about deep issues
sleeping next to each other
being a team- yes that's how we do chores
inside jokes
starting and ending the day together

Happy Friday!

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