a st. patty's picnic in central park

this weekend, bry and i decided to head into nyc on st. patrick's day (happy belated to all the irish!). crazy you say? we didn't go in for the parade, but we met brad and jacki (bry's brother and sister in law) and had a cute little green themed picnic in central park. 

we had the perfect weather and the yummiest food. 

look at all the food! {the happy cherries might have been my favorite}

 the picnic planners

 enjoying the weather!

 a little run to the lamp post created the funniest picture ever.

did i really wear rainboots on a bright and sunny day? why yes, st. patrick graciously allowed it

 guinness shirt straight from irelenad


i can't put into words how much i love this kid.

these two always keep us entertained :)

 thanks, b&j, for a fun day at the park!

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