more about baby j

here's our little bug at 8 weeks, for all who want to see :)

so yes, it's true. we shared our pregnancy news on april fools day and caused quite the excitement. believers, skeptics, all the like. it was so fun to know others were going to do an "i'm pregnant" post but we were actually telling the truth! so here's the scoop...

almost 11 weeks

due date: october 29

it wasn't planned but it also wasn't a surprise

not feeling terrible, some days are better than others

yes, we're finding out the sex. don't try to convince us otherwise :)
{we're not hoping for either or, just a happy healthy baby}

yes, we have names picked out! but we're not telling!

God's timing, man.. He knows what's best for us

...oh and there's no bump yet {just flab from eating a lot}... but hopefully in the next few weeks!


  1. So excited for your news! What a fun, new chapter that's on its way!

  2. So happy for you pretty lady! Prayers for a healthy baby and easy pregnancy headed your way! :)

  3. Looking good sweetie! do you wanna follow each other?:X




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