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I've been reading the blog Lovely Little Things for quite some time now. I can't even remember how I found it. But I liked how Jessica had a schedule for what to expect on her blog. On Mondays, she puts up a challenge called Smell the Roses, which basically encourages you to do something to "smell the roses" and enjoy life a little bit. I always read the weekly task, but do I ever participate? No, not really.

However... this week's task was: Collect all of your loose change and either donate it or use it to do something fun.

I decided to actually do this one. I am going to collect all our loose change in the apartment and put it into baby's college fund that we've started. I've already gotten a piggy bank and we've opened an account for her college fund, so why not start putting it away now? Even if it's just a few dollars here and there, it can't hurt! Plus, Bry always mentions that we're gonna need an additional "wedding fund" for this little bebe... Wait, didn't I just get married? How are we already saving for our daughter's wedding? Jeepers, I better get some more change!

Lovely Little Things


  1. Thanks for linking up, girl :)
    I like the bowl that your change is in! Cute!

    I'm not even married yet and I've considered starting up a college fund for a kid, haha! Can never start too early right?!

    Hope you're having a good Monday, girl!

    1. It was fun! I want to try and keep linking up for Smell the Roses! That bowl was a gift from Crate & Barrel when we signed up to register for our wedding there! And yes, you can NEVER start to too early, seeing as how much college is costing and increasing per year these days! Thanks for your comment! Making me feel special over here- go Jess with your 1000 followers! You are awesome! :)

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