realizations & ramblings for your Wednesday

{26 weeks pregnant / pic from 3 days ago}

+ Inner tubes in the pool are God's gift to pregnant women in the summer.
+ I really want to go to NYC. ASAP.
+ Attempting to put on my makeup while listening to "I'm Already There" by Lonestar was the worst idea ever.
+ Grey's Anatomy is one of my favorite shows.
+ My husband is the ultimate fly swatter/killer. He rocks.
+ Speaking of, these flies are out of control this summer. What is going on?!
+ I loathe washing the dishes. LOATHE.
+ Forgetting to take heartburn meds is another bad idea.
+ I have been on an organizational kick lately. Organizing is time well spent!
+ I'm craving fall. Changing leaves, yummy candles, and cool evenings made for snuggling.
+ I miss Bry when he goes out on Wednesdays.

I'm off to watch Grey's and hog the bed. 
Happy Wednesday!

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