the big gender reveal

As promised in this post though almost a month ago, I wanted to post the pictures from our little gender reveal BBQ. We had both of our families over so everyone was here to find out the big news together! We didn't take any of these photos though, these are all from the parents' cameras. Everyone {see the mustache sticks} thought we were having a boy! Only the moms chose the lips, and even Bry's mom admitted she just chose a girl because she wanted to be different than everyone else! My mom had gotten the so-we-thought inside scoop on what we were having at my 12 week ultrasound, as the doctor told us then that he thought it was a boy. All signs were kinda pointing toward boy, but the last few weeks before we found out, both Bry and I unknowingly switched and our guts told us it was a girl. We couldn't be happier or more grateful.  


  1. this was such a cute idea als! love it! :)

  2. this is such a cute idea, i love the mustaches and lips :)



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