a busy, busy week

My, my! What a busy week this has been! Busier than most weeks now for me. This summer has been pretty relaxing for me, you know without much work to accomplish, it's just been me and my air conditioner while hubby is at work. However, my Jenni-Rae and her cute little family have been in town, so we've been trying to squeeze in every possible minute together. I've also picked up some tutoring hours, so we're back to commuting again. It feels like I've been here, there, and everywhere lately. And it's not slowing down over the weekend either. We have Gabe's first birthday party tomorrow and then my baby shower on Sunday so things aren't going to stop until Monday. However, it's all good busy-ness. All good things.

I'll be back next week with pictures from Gabe's party and the baby shower.. But here's an instagram of a gift that's already been sent to me...
Now if I only had someone who could sit in it already!

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