evening walks

Evening walks have become our favorite activity. We just walk and walk and it counts as exercise in my book so we've got a win-win. And most of the time we just chat about whatever we feel like- meal planning, baby, to-do lists, family, finances, the future. Anything really. And we love that we can just go outside and walk rather than sit in front of the tv and not talk. Even if Braxton Hicks contractions make their typical debut, my walking buddy always offers to stop and wait {and I always refuse the piggy-back ride}.

I am a little sad that the days keep getting shorter and in only a matter of time, we won't be taking evening walks because it'll be too dark. However, sometime around then, we'll be welcoming our little babe into this world and after the cold winter passes, we'll be out walking with a stroller. A little family of three. Aaahh, I can't wait! :)


  1. SO awesome, als! i can't wait to see your adorable girl! you and bry are too cute... & hen & i love taking walks together too ;) we've even talked about not having a tv for a while so we can really just enjoy eachother and not just sit in front of it!

  2. hey als! i nominated your blog for the versatile blogger award! i love your blog & can't wait to read more about your little beauty when she gets here :)

    here's the post & the "what to do next" to "accept" the award :)




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