my baby shower

I can't believe my baby shower has come and gone already. It was about 85 degrees with high humidity. Meaning, I actually asked for a break opening presents because my thighs were sweating and I had to pee- such a pregger I am now :) That's why we all look like we're melting. It was a special day with lots of love for our baby girl. We are so blessed with such loving friends and family.

My momma & I

Britty made the trip from NY for me!

 Jacki got me the elephant blanky I wanted! Yay!

The cake was sweating, too.

Can you tell how excited I was by my raised eyebrows in all the pictures?
Love Jenn's present- a clothing wreath with all the clothes tied onto it.

Proud of her Auntie status!

And lastly, for the picture everyone seemed to love... Jacki took this and posted it on her Instagram and I stole it and posted it myself.

Thank you to all who attended my baby shower and especially to those who helped. You all made me feel so much love for our almost-little family of 3. Love you all.


  1. Oh my gosh, I just LOVE this! And you look amazing! And, that dress is awesome. So glad you were able to have a wonderful shower, surrounded by those who love you. <3

    1. Thanks, Colleen! The dress was so breezy- it was perfect for 85 degrees :)

  2. Alli~ so beautiful, you hardly look pregnant! So sorry I could not make it. Hope your mom passed along my card/gift. I am sooo happy for you and can't wait to meet her!! ♥ Maria

    1. Maria- we missed you at the shower but I did get your card! You are too sweet! Hope to see you soon!

  3. You look so beautiful! And I have to say- the title of your blog is SO GREAT. Love the creativity:-)

    1. Thank you Shay! I like the title of my blog too- a friend helped me think of it and it sticks, I think :) Thanks for stopping by!



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