9 years with this guy

October 17th marked 9 years that Bryan and I have been together. Our dating anniversary was just passed on by... by life, I suppose. We were preparing for Gemma's birthday and both working a lot and I didn't make the time for a blog post. But I wanted to. So here's what I have to say about this guy...

This guy... listens to Eminem, Coldplay, Luke Bryan, Mumford & Sons, Jay-Z, and Justin Bieber...

This guy... talks to me in his sleep, even when he tells me I'm the sleep-talker. "Pumpkins are $5, really Bry?"

This guy... eats the whole box of Cheerios except a spoonful and will put the box back in the cabinet.

This guy... loves his girls with all of his heart and would do anything for us.

This guy... tries to act all nonchalant about things, but he really did mean to pop that mix into the CD player 9 years ago and play "Girlfriend" by NSYNC and Nelly all while mumbling "oh this is just a random mix. Let's see what's on it..."

This guy... has a laugh that is contagious. It can bring me out of the worst mood on the worst day.

This guy... is more OCD than I ever could have anticipated. I did not think he was going to care about how his laundry was folded... man, was I wrong!

This guy... might be the cutest dad ever. Maybe I'm biased, I dunno?

This guy... is a big cuddler except when it's time to sleep. I'm very much the opposite.

This guy... takes pride in planning agendas for special occasions. I swear, he's a keeper.

This guy... knows exactly what I am thinking in most situations. Sometimes it's scary how our minds think alike. Love that I can look at him when we see a 10 year old being pushed around the mall in a stroller and know that he is rolling his eyes too.

This guy... has my heart forever. I am so grateful he knows this and is protective of it.

B- Thank you for doing life with me. I couldn't do it without you and despite our ups and downs, I love the life that we have together. Love you forever!

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