a little jack & jill bridal shower BBQ

Yesterday, I helped throw a Jack & Jill BBQ-type of bridal shower for my friends Erin and Kirks (his real name is Andrew but he's known in the Johnston household as Kirks). These two are getting married in just under a month in September.

Erin and I have known each other since we were babies- literally. Our moms met at their OBGYN appointments and then got us together in playgroups. We both ended up going to the same school K-12 and then went to the same college for 3.5 years. (So much for UDel, huh Er? :) I think thats a good prerequisite for being in each other's weddings.


Erin's mom was a huge help by having the shower at her house and renting the tables and chairs through her work. She offered to make most of the food too, so the bridesmaids were in charge of the desserts. We ordered cookies and cakes from a bakery. My sister-in-law Kelsey insisted on making cupcakes, which were delicious (ie.. Kels- open a bakery!) And I wanted to make something a little different so I decided on s'mores on a stick. These were super easy and a fun idea for a finger-food-like dessert!

I am so excited about your upcoming wedding, Erin & Kirks! Only a couple of weeks to go!

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