awkward & awesome thursday

The singing and dancing I do to amuse myself in my morning and afternoon commute. It pretty much happens daily. Even if I am stopped in traffic.

Having to tone down this "traffic entertainment routine" because I kept passing my boss. He doesn't need to see a full blown musical.

Looking over to a sketchy guy in a white construction van whose nodding along with my "routine". I got the feeling he was trying to say "WORD".

How much I'm talking about my singing and dancing in the car. New topic Ali, please.

Trying to shave my legs and brush my teeth at the same time. Yes I'm a multi-tasker. And yes, this was a failed attempt.

I'm pretty sure this bloggy is read by about 5 people. 

Green nail polish- Essie's 'Sew Psyched' (+ my rings=greatness)

Photobooth for Mac. I could spend all day on this thing...

8 hours of solid sleep in a night. Man, I felt like a million bucks this morning.

Yoga... Hello, Flexibility. Welcome back to my life.

Pinterest. Done and done.

Planning our anniversary trip. We're going to be in Pennsylvania for Sean & Brittney's wedding over Thanksgiving weekend. So we've decided to stay in Philadelphia for the last night of our trip to celebrate. 

It's almost the weekend! Eeeee!

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