would you like an apple? we have many

Fall is here! Hurray!
Today, we went apple picking. It was beautiful outside- 65 degrees and sunny. Perfect day for pickin' some apples. 

silverman's farm

ready for some apples!

yes. yum.

grab and twist is what they said!

fallen apples (or half the ones we picked and didn't like so we threw down the hill)

love this.

"a apple"

a snack for hubby

hard at work!

he definitely got that apple. kid's got ups.


we heart fall!

look what we have!

part 2. *note, these pumpkins were just for decor. we will get the carving pumpkins in a couple of weeks!

i gots a punkin'

he's such a cutie!

bry's artistic eye

and again

albino pumpkins? thats what i called 'em

the little guys!

hahahaha, guess bry thought this was funny.

yep. we should have bought this.

goodbye silvermans!

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  1. ooo love your fall activities! the hubby & i just hit up an apple orchard ourselves with a group of pals from church. sooo much fun! (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes of your choice? Enter today on my blog: www.rubygirlblog.com)



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