Last night, we went to visit Jenn and Brandon, and their new baby, Gabriel. My little nephew, Gabe, is just about the cutest 8-day-old there is. Bry and I saw him the day he was born, when he was only about 10 hours old. We both blanked (in awe of baby) and forgot to take any pictures. But last night, pictures were taken. I apologize in advance for all the baby-gushy-ness.. except, not really. This baby is gorgeous. :)
omg. cutest cheeks ever! (just like Jenn's)

i was so excited all day to hold him!

melts my heart

we had to give charley boy a little attention too

bry's first baby hold.

i think he talked more to gabe than to anyone else all night.

gabe and his momma

he's literally a bundle of love

and a teenager, apparently

so happy to be an auntie to this little guy

goodnight, gabe!

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