a wedding - y weekend {part 2}

As I wrote in a wedding-y weekend {part 1}, Bry and I went up to Massachusetts this past weekend for Erin and Kirks' wedding. The wedding was at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA. And boy, was it beautiful! We didn't get any of the pictures during the ceremony, because well, I was busy doing bridesmaid things and hubby forgot the camera in the car. We both didn't realize until it was mid-ceremony and I caught his eye and mouthed, "Where's the camera?" and he got a little flustered and replied, "the car". So there goes any pictures from the ceremony. But it was beautiful regardless. Here's the pictures we did get: 
erin and rach

erin and me


one of the better pictures we have from the night

nervous before my toast, which actually went fairly well, might I add :)

Mr. and Mrs. Kirkaldy!

their first dance, with parents proudly watching. seriously, how cute?

guests watching from upstairs

bride and bridesmaids

friends since we were babies

the erins

er and rach

britt and er


their cake, which accidently came with a R instead of a K on top (it was fixed though, no biggie)

the groom, chowing down on his meal

bry got a few awesome pictures of the property. (you can't tell but there are cows that decided to walk across the field as the ceremony was going on. it was probably the best thing that could have happened)

the restaurant at the barn

father daughter dance (how gorgeous is er's dress?!)

cake time!

this was straight out of titanic. dancing to bagpipes. i dieddd!

friends from college!


last one of the evening.

The wedding was fantastic. It was a day filled with friends, dancing, and love. Congrats again, Erin & Kirks!

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