niagara to buffalo, please!

This past weekend, we drove to upstate New York to visit Grandpa Johnston. While we were there, we took a little detour to Niagara Falls. I've always wanted to go and we had some time before Grandpa was available. So Bry said, "Let's go!" The drive took about an hour and a half. We found a station playing Christmas music and we were more than content. 

The weather was very strange that day. It was mostly cloudy, but there was visible blue sky. The clouds were dark, but the sunshine was abundant. We were driving through rain, sleet, and snow to get to Niagara falls. The pictures tell it all. 

Niagara Falls

I'm pretty sure it was past peak foliage there, but these trees were breathtaking!

Found this sign. I'm pretty sure I need to hang it over my bed {since I have a love affair with my bed}

"Okay, Bryan, let's go..."

We walked on over to the water, the rapids were so scary. We took a trolley later on in the trip and he mentioned that the rapids run about 30 miles an hour. I wouldn't try swimming in there.. Nope.

We saw a rainbow from all of the mist. 

The colors are so cool! The water is sea foam green. 

{love my new hat, even though you almost can't see my eyes}

hubs took a break from taking so many photos to get his own picture taken...

a cooler view of the falls

I couldn't believe how breathtaking these falls were. At one point, I asked Bry how many people he thought had died at Niagara {and just googled to try to find out}. I didn't come up with a solid answer, but the moral is "Don't cross over any fences, guard rails, or blockades. They are there for a reason, people."

Caught: hubs heading to the bathroom. 
{this man has the smallest bladder known to man}

We wanted to talk to see Horseshoe Falls as well, so we walked a ways to see the other "falls". We needed to cross a long bridge to do so. 

post-birdpoop {almost} mishap

can you tell it's about 45 degrees outside? we were chilly!

and became much happier after a coffee/hot cocoa stop.

love the mist. 


We were loving our little trip to Niagara Falls. Something we hadn't planned on doing, but we had a great time! However, we were very cold and thought we had taken plenty of pictures at this point. Upon leaving, Bry said, "Hey, we're only about a half hour from Buffalo, I want some wings!" 

We went to "Anchor Bar: Home of the Original Chicken Wings". Bry was in heaven. He literally could not wait to get his hands on some wings. 
There it is. As seen on "Man Vs. Food"...

love the anchor in the cement!

bar decor


still freezing from spending two hours outside in mist and wind

content with a beer in hand

Wings for B. I'm not a big wing fan so I indecisively went with chicken fingers and a grilled cheese 

happy boy. love the wing sauce on his lips

whoops! all gone!

With all said and done, we had a great day trip into Niagara & Buffalo!

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