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This past weekend, Bryan and I made a trip to upstate New York. Yes, we went to Niagara falls, but the main reason we made the trip was to visit Bry's grandpa. We learned Grandpa J wasn't doing very well. We'd been intending to make a trip up to Rochester for a couple of months now and realized we needed to go.

Our plan was to go up and visit Grandpa J. We found out on Wednesday, the day before we left, that Grandpa J was going into the hospital- that his kidneys were beginning to fail.

Bry and I were able to go and visit him when he returned to the nursing home on Friday. We had a feeling this weekend would be the last time we'd see him, so Bryan did everything in him to show his love to his grandpa.

Frank and Charlotte {Bry's parents} and Brad and Jacki {Bry's brother and sister-in-law} came up to visit as well. We spent many hours just telling stories in Grandpa's room and keeping him company, his pain meds kept him sleeping a lot.

Grandpa J passed away two nights ago. He was a small-town man who knew everyone, and no one has a bad word to say about him. A man who was a veteran, a man who was a hero in several ways, and a man who influenced and shaped the life of my husband. For this, I will be always grateful. Rest in Peace, Grandpa J.

We love you, Grandpa J.

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