the story of b&a {part 1}

Since this blog appears to be a shrine of my husband, I might as well share the story of how we got together on here.

To explain our story, I have to go way back, back to about 2002.

In fall of 2002, I was a freshman in high school, Bry was a sophomore at a different high school. We didn't know each other at this point. He made a decision to transfer to my high school.

It was a small high school, so everyone noticed when a new kid showed up in November, rather than the beginning of the school year. Now, this is not where we started. We're a long way off from that. I'll keep going.

Let's jump up to 2003- my sophomore year of high school, Bry's junior year.

I was going through a difficult phase in my life, and I guess you could say I was in rebellious stage. But when I say rebellious, I was just difficult. I wouldn't agree with anything anyone said, I had to be right all the time, and I did what I wanted to. In short, I had a major attitude problem.

I began dating a kid who was bad news for me. Someone who was clingy, also rebellious, and jealous. Someone who had a tough family situation and was looking for another to fix it. Someone who didn't care about me- only themselves. Everyone told me this was not a good idea, but I dated him anyways. And when I say dated, it was basically 10 months of phone conversations, hanging out after school, and maybe 6 dates- in about the span of 1 year. Again, with no driver's licenses, it gets pretty boring..

Now over to the boy. Someone transferred to a new high school, joined the basketball team, and became quite the ladies man. He was in a much better {happier} place than I. New friends, new girls, a new basketball team- what isn't great about that?

Well, I somehow met him in the lobby of our high school. Bry was dating one of my friends, Rachel. So he was friends with some of my friends. I remember being in the lobby and him walking up to me and a friend. There was some small talk, and then he took my phone from my hand and said, "Here's my number, in case you ever need it". I rolled my eyes {attitude} and went to find my boyfriend.

Up comes my Sweet 16, Bry shows up with Rachel. I don't think he was thrilled to be there. Weird, but it's cool to think that he was there, seeing as we weren't even close to dating.. He was dating my friend, I was dating a jerk. Yup, this sounds like a fairytale right?

Moving on, it so happens in the spring of 2004 that I break up with boyfriend, he breaks up with Rachel. Bry and I start chatting on AIM- everyone remember AIM? Yes. It was a big part of our start. We were also hanging out with mutual friends {but haven't hung out together yet}  This was all until late July 2004. I had just gotten my driver's license {yaaay} and was coming out of my rebellion/attitude/mean-girl side. Again, not proud of it, but it's the truth.

One summer night, I went with two friends and Bry to see Anchorman. Man, his laugh was contagious. It made me smile. Big time.

Another summer night  during that same week, I met with my friend Britt and he met with his friend Ryan. The four of us ended up hanging out together. We met at Friendly's - yup again, high school yumm. Then we went back to Ryan's and went night swimming. Well, friends, let me just tell you... night swimming with a cute boy is just about as good as it gets in high school. Later on that evening, we went inside to watch a movie, and this kid sat next to me and decided to rub/tickle my side.  I awkwardly wouldn't look at him. But from this point on, I was intrigued. Who was this guy? He doesnt even know if I like him or not?! Gutsy.

And so it began...

He liked me more than I liked him at the time. I wasn't so sure. After my break up, I was set on "not looking" anymore. I had decided I wanted to be single. But when there's a cute boy who likes you, it's hard to resist. I tried, though. I really tried to "play hard to get". And something worked, because Bry was pretty persistent.

Back to school, and we weren't dating yet. We were having fun, though. We were enjoying high school, friends, and getting to know a new person. We were "together". All because I was stubborn and wouldn't be his girlfriend yet. I didn't want to just jump into a relationship. I was in the process of finding myself. Of becoming independent. Of becoming Ali again. And I needed to do that by myself. I knew we were going to end up dating. It just had to be the right timing.

I was on my way to being a happy girl again...
{this photo was taken during that week in July when we started hanging out together}

Then one night in October, after church on a Sunday night, sitting in the parking lot of McDonald's {again, I was so healthy in high school}, I knew it was right. I knew I wanted to be his girlfriend. We were there in the car, Switchfoot's Only Hope was playing, and I looked over and said, "I want to be your girlfriend." And that was that. We sealed it with a kiss.

 first picture together. ever.

Part 2 coming soon!

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