miss jenni rae

best friends since we were 5. 
sang boy bands all. the. time.
played american girl dolls, vazzy's & school repeatedly.
watched grease and selena enough to memorize every word/movement.
spent endless hours on the trampoline {in the snow, might I add}
had our ups, downs, ins & outs together.
bridesmaid in her wedding.
matron of honor at my wedding.
called me her baby's auntie
so close we're like sisters {that's exactly what she said moh speech}

awkward middle school years. had to post for sentimental reasons..


high school

both married ladies here...

now with mr. gabriel

Miss Rae, I wouldn't be the same without you as my best friend. I am so grateful for all of the memories we've had- happy, sad, frustrating, dramatic, and hysterical. You are beautiful inside & out. I wish you the best 24th year of life! I love you!!!
Love, Miss Lynn

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