birthday boy

We celebrated Bry's birthday last night. We had Brad & Jacki and Brandon & Jenn over- otherwise known as B&Jsquared. I ordered pizza and then we had leftover pumpkin cheesecake and wedding cake. To say we kept things low key is an understatement. Does this make me a lame wife? It was a lot of fun though! Brad gave Bry a Biggie shirt. Bry couldn't have been happier! 
Goodness, look at this kid!
Of course along with Jenn and Brandon came my second favorite boy- Gabriel. Check out this cutie pie sitting between his mom and dad.
And my favorite picture from instagram...
I can't believe we fit 6 people, 2 dogs, and a baby into our tiny living room. It was so much fun just chatting and catching up. I love our friends and family.

And all the while, I've neglected the reason we all got together... Bry's birthday. So...

I feel kinda bad that I didn't devote a post to just your birthday. Looking back, I'm glad I spent more time with you and less time on the computer! Your birthday week was pretty eventful. From celebrating our anniversary on Sunday, to finding your present via scavenger hunt, to having friends over and listening to rap music, I think we did good. I'm sorry your birthday week is ending but I am already looking forward to your next birthday.. and I know you are too! :) Love you with all my heart!
xo, Al

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