oh, christmas tree!

Saturday, we began the quest for this year's Christmas tree. Bry was set on chopping one down himself, so off we went to this little tree farm to find that special guy that would come home with us for the next month. 

Hubby was excited to use the saw!

We first thought that the one straight in front of Bry was gonna be the chosen one, but we found a better one!

Our little tree was almost hidden by a ginormous honker, but we managed to see that he was great.

He worked himself up into a sweat and ditched his coat...

And he does it!

Pulling it out to the pathway where we waited for a tractor...
Of course, I needed a picture with our little tree...

This guy was tired of waiting and decided to carry the tree all the way back to the car...

He was even more sweaty but super proud of himself.

We went back to pay at the barn. We found this image- which still makes us giggle about 5 times a night. This tree was so big that its branches spilled over and covered more than what's probably legal to drive with on your car. Apparently, these people get a huge tree like this every year. I'm assuming its for outside, but who can tell?

We decorated the tree on Sunday and I think it looks pretty cute! This year we chose to use big lights and tinsel! Loving our tree this year.

I hope you're all loving this holiday season as much as I am. It can bring so much joy!
Happy Christmas season!

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