my modeling debut

Yesterday, I did a little modeling in New York City. Modeling, you say? Yep! Bry's sister-in-law, Jacki, is taking a class through FIT and had to become a stylist for her final project. She asked me if I'd like to model for her and I said, "Why not?" Jacki's idea was to shoot everyday activities in stylish clothes. I really liked the outfits she picked out! At first, I was a bit nervous that was I was going to look stupid and I felt a little silly, but I kinda got into it and had alot of fun with it. My only complaint- it was chilly! Just a 40 degree & windy day in NYC! But we made the best of it. Coats and ugg boots were included but not photographed :) 

Here's a look into the different outfits and shots that were taken:
Outfit #1

and Jacki wanted to get shoe shots with confetti... I think it's so cute!

Outfit #2
In love with this outfit. The more I see it, the more I want it!

Oh, just chillin' in the laundry bin!

love the hearts!

Outfit #3
Love the polka dots in this one!

And the shoes?! Swoon.

See- I started to enjoy it!

Outfit #4
Had to get Bonnie in there with me!

This skirt was so much fun to play with!

There was a 20 foot drop off behind that wall...

took this one from Brad and Jacki's camera

more shoes & confetti

Outfit #5
you can't tell but I was shivering so bad

haha I have a donut!

love the details in this one!

Outfit #6
cute little cupcake from a cute little bakery

hot cider hit the spot as it started to flurry!

love this one too!

Jacki's brilliant! :)

Oh and if you want to check out Jacki's post on the shoot, go here. Her blog {here} is full of style, creativity, and inspiration!


  1. ohhh it looked like so much funnn! and you look fab-u-lous! way to go pal and jacki!

  2. ali you are so pretty



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