a favorite evening

blurry, but too cute to pass up

A few weeks ago, Bry's birthday get together {read here} ended around 1:30 in the morning. And, well, let's just be honest... that's a little past my bedtime. Actually, that's way past my bedtime. Thinking I was going to get in bed and pass out, I climbed into bed and someone wanted to talk. I was so sleepy and punchy, I decided I would try to talk back as well. So we chatted. For over an hour. We lay in bed and had a nice long conversation.  And not to say that we don't talk together frequently, but we were actually talking about things that matter. Deeper, important subjects. Subjects that usually I can't eve think about after 10pm. Typically, at night, we get in bed and one of us {cough, B, cough} falls asleep right away. This night was different. I don't think that it was so much that we were talking and enjoying each other's company. It was more of the idea that it's 3am and we should be sleeping but it's the weekend and we can go to the late service at church tomorrow. So let's just live in the moment. And it's starting to become one of my favorite evenings. I'm hoping for many more late night chats. 

Oh, and I kid you not, we probably laughed about this tree for a good twenty minutes...

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