in our bedroom

If you were to walk into our bedroom at night, you would see...

 Hubby would be stretching for his own space, with half of his body covered and the other half uncovered. This is how he settles in, right after he wrestles with me. Then he quickly falls asleep {I really don't understand how he does it so fast}. He falls asleep with his arm up and under my pillow. Once in a while, he twitches as he's drifting off and will literally launch my head into the air...
I would be snuggling with my body pillow, blankets cozied around me, all while holding my "babers" bear {and yes, I still sleep with a stuffed animal that Bry gave me.. in my defense, B's not much of a cuddler but I'm training him}. I would most likely be sleep-talking at some point during the night...
{hey, blogging is about keeping it real right?! no lies here, kids}

If you were to walk into our bedroom in the morning, you would see...

Bry with no blankets on.

Me with the blanket still cocooned around me.

The bottom comforter {yes we sleep on our lovely goosedown for extra comfort} is usually pulled down near Bry's waist. When he climbs into bed at night, that lovely goosedown starts tucked under our pillows. I have a feeling he burrows during his sleep. Just like a lil doggy.

Both of our cell phone's alarms going off simultaneously and both of us hitting snooze for 45 minutes.

Bry handing me his phone thinking it's mine and telling me to shut it off.

Me waking up by checking the email, weather, and instagram... all the while trying to keep my eyes open {this usually consists of one eye staying open, which then leads to both eyes closed until the next snooze}

Body pillow on the floor. Sometimes bear too. And usually 4 socks that were worn during the night end up around the room.
And that's just a glimpse, people... 

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