winter bums

Well. There hasn't been much going on here.. We've been in chill mode for quite some time now. This happened last winter, where both Bry and I just bum out for a little while and don't do very much. I haven't felt very compelled to blog so I left it alone. Sooo... sorry bloggy. I'm hoping I'll be back and blogging more consistently soon.

We did have company this weekend, more than we initially thought we would have. A few pictures will be coming soon.

Also, I've started taking part in the February Photo Challenge going on.. And I'm loving it! Follow me on Instagram for my daily photos: @alilynnjohnston

In other news, knitting has been my thing lately. I think knitting has taken over my blogging time. But I did make an infinity scarf! Ta-da!

I'm off to get alot of sleep- Mondays are rough! K, seeyabye.

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