his choice

i took this picture of our fridge.

this might just look like an assortment of randomness on the fridge, but today it means so much more.

two years ago, this boy made a decision to ask that girl to marry him. and he's said time and time again that it was the best decision of his life. i think about this idea sometimes. that he chose me. i was his choice. and i am still flattered and grateful and excited to be his choice.  

my heart is so full today. full of gratitude and love. full of thankfulness and amazement. full of wonder and awe of what is yet to come. 

we have been on quite the journey. i know our time together didn't begin two years ago, it started long before that. but i think of what this day in our life symbolizes. it was so big. and it still is. i'm so glad we have this life together. i'm so glad you chose me. and i'm so glad i said yes. and now to think that we have this little one joining us in a just a few months. i can't even count the blessings. i love you more and more everyday. 

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