telling the family!

bry and i have known about our little one since mid-february. neither of us are very good secret-keepers, so we really struggled with keeping our news to ourselves {especially because we live in bry's parents' in-law apartment, we whispered quite a bit!}

 we were waiting on a job offer for bry, and it came along at the right time... just as we were going to tell our families. it was a great excuse to visit our families and "celebrate"!

we told everyone on march 30. we wanted to be able to tell all the parents in the same day, because we knew once the news got to one set of parentals, that they would want to share it as well. 

we didn't get any pictures with my dad, but we told him at breakfast. i had a baby picture of my dad in my wallet and i said, "hey, i have some pictures i wanna show you". i pulled out the baby pic of him and handed it to him, and then after a second, i laid down the picture of our ultrasound. he looked at it for a minute and said "...what is this? what IS this?! are you pregnant?!" we both smiled and he was so so excited for us!

next, we went over to my mom and stepdad's house. bry talked about his job for a few minutes and my mom was getting out cannolis that she picked up. bry and i picked up a cake and wrote on it saying "Surprise! Baby Johnston coming October 2012". i went and opened the cake and laid it down in front of my mom, stepdad, and brother, who were all sitting at the dining table. there was a few confused looks and my stepdad had to get his glasses, but they all realized at the same time. my mom started jumping up and down like a bunny rabbit, my brother started sobbing immediately, and my stepdad started yelling excitedly like the italian he is. they were overjoyed! it was great!
bry thinks the cake looks anti-climactic because there's no punctuation on it- that's what you get from stop&shop i guess :)

lastly, we headed home to casa de johnston and we shared our news with the cake. this cake we decorated a little bit more and had the artist, brad, do the writing on the cake. i walked out holding the cake and there was more jumping, yelling, and tears. they are thrilled for baby j!

it was a day of excitement and sheer happiness. it couldn't have been any better! 

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