cali {part 1}

When we realized we had a little flexibility to go away on a babymoon {i.e. the last trip before the baby comes}, we wanted to go somewhere we'd never been before. Bry was ready to travel the world, but my passport is not in my married name, so we were stuck to the good 'ol US. We decided to go to California and take in LA and San Diego. I have always dreamed of visiting Napa, but it's pretty far from these other two and who wants to go to wine country when pregnant? Not I. So off we flew to California.

While we were in LA, we really just wanted to explore a bit and see some of the West Coast. We spent most of our time taking in a Dodgers game, down at the Santa Monica pier, and driving around trying to find the Hollywood sign. The weather was a bit cooler than it was at home. Hovering around 70 degrees with no humidity was a nice break from all of these so-called "heat waves" here in New England. San Diego pictures coming up next!

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