pregnancy so far

23 weeks along now!
 i thought i'd write about what this pregnancy has been like so far. so here goes nothin..

about baby: our sweet girl is measuring longer than 8 inches and just over the 1 pound mark! go little girl! keep growing! she's moving around so much! i love it! usually when i'm hungry and at night around 10ish when i sit/lay down to relax she'll start bouncing around in there!

my symptoms: not too much morning sickness, just queasiness really bothered me in my first trimester. now, that we've moved onto the second trimester, we're really enjoying the daily heartburn no matter what we eat {sense the sarcasm, please}. sleeping isn't as fun as it used to be either. no more sleeping through the night because of frequent trips to potty. however, my body pillow has become my new best friend. lastly, i'm so tired all the time. this fatigue does not mess around.

weight gain: well, considering i hit my high school weight the same day i found out i was pregnant, i guess that was a good place to start. {and also, that wasn't a diet goal. i was just trying to eat healthier meals} i've currently gained 13 pounds. at first, every tenth of a pound i gained was a victory and worth cheering for. then i had a little panic about seeing numbers on the scale that i've never seen before. but things are good. i feel pretty healthy and pleased with my weight right now. i'm fully aware that that might change, but for now, we're level-headed.

feelings: i am really missing being able to sleep on my stomach and also sipping on a nice glass of cabernet. however, that is so little compared to what i am excited for! shopping for baby clothes! meeting her for the first time! going for walks with baby! our first holidays as a family! and i cannot wait to meet her! and i am so excited to see fatherhood on my hubby. he's going to be the sweetest dad around, i already know it.

so that's that. is anyone still here reading? we're just so excited. no apologies for that :)

also, anyone have any good recommendations for dealing with heartburn/acid reflux? how do i deal?!

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