meet cocoa. 
my beloved car. and there's me, circa 2004, when cocoa first became mine. cocoa has been such a faithful, reliable car. no problems in 8 years. well, that is until yesterday. i get on the highway thinking i'm going to make a quick trip to the mall and there's traffic. stopped traffic to be exact and i'd just passed an exit to get on another route. so i'm sitting in said traffic and i realize cocoa is beginning to break down. a panicked call to bryan and we decided it was best for me to off road it to the other route. i pulled into the left lane, then onto the grass, up a hill to another ramp and went about 2 miles an hour until the car finally stopped on a ramp. people were beeping, screaming, and just not happy with me. poor bry stayed on the phone with me and listened to me whimper and cry and felt bad that he wasn't there to help. end of the story? cocoa's in the shop. my stepdad came to pick me up so i wasn't stranded. and all ended ok. but man... after all those years about how cocoa is such a good car... i guess she's gotta break down sometime. 

off to get things ready for our trip. we're going on a babymoon {our last vacation without baby} to california for a week! i'll post photos when we're back next week! follow along on instagram @alilynnjohnston until then :)

happy 4th of july!

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