october is one big question mark

*24 week bump (can't believe this was 3 months ago!)

Well here we are, in the 9th month of my pregnancy. Things are getting a bit uncomfortable now... with moving like a turtle, heartburn that makes me feel like a fire-breathing dragon, serious back aches, all the peeing, a lack of sleep, and the waddling. Oh and getting myself dressed is usually accompanied by a tune of grunts and groans. But we're happy and loving that Baby Girl is coming soon! There's only about 5 more weeks that she can possibly stay in there, so I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

My due date is October 29. My mom had me 3 weeks early and my brother 4 weeks early. And my doctor did say that may lead to me going into labor early. So I kinda feel like October is one big question mark. We don't have many set in stone plans, except working and little outings. We're just waiting now. Waiting for Baby Girl to make her debut. Everyday, Bryan asks me if "today's the day". And everyday, I have to tell him I'm not really sure. But feel free to come whenever you are ready, Baby! We're so excited to meet you! :)

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