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One of my goals for the month of May is to get back into blogging, so we'll see how long this lasts {ha}! I have been missing blogging alot lately so I'm going to jump back into this little blogosphere!

Here's the update...

Gemma's almost 7 months old now.. She's started solids and definitely sleeping through the night but isn't a great napper. Hey, as parents, we pick our battles right?! She's close to being able to sit up on her own and has rolled over both ways but mostly just wiggles her way around the room when she wants to move. I have a feeling crawling is a little ways off though but we will see. Gem's quite the happy girl almost always too, no lie. However, currently, she's teething big time. She still is one of the happiest babies I know, just one that will turn on a dime into a grouch. Can't wait to see those little teeth when she smiles!

Both Bryan and I deactivated our Facebook accounts a few months ago. We both had our reasons, namely, we both felt we spent too much time on Facebook. I really just found myself wanting to use my time and energy on other things. I wanted to stop checking my phone every 35 minutes to see what was going on in the Facebook world. I wanted to live life instead of being a spectator. So I took myself off for about two and a half months. And while I'm back on the good ol' Book now, I'm much more "relaxed" about it. I used to think I was going to miss something if I didn't check in every so often. But this time away from it has been completely refreshing. {There was also a tiny part of me that got sick of hearing everyone's parenting advice- wanted or unwanted-- on every picture or status that I wrote... but I think that's a topic for another day :) }

We've moved into a new apartment with SO MUCH SPACE! We are loving our new place and I am slowly decorating it.. It's going to take a while because of budgeting and time. But! I kinda forgot about Pinterest for a while, but now I'm scouring it for ideas and remembering how awesome of a site it is!

We are getting into the swing of things here and I feel like we're actually getting into a somewhat-regular of a routine with our little family of 3 {and hey, once I actually state this out loud, that "routine" is going to go right out the window.. am I right?} April was a really crappy month for us, or at least me. I had an ingrown toe-nail that needed to be cut by a podiatrist. This little procedure happened 5 days before we moved. I had to hobble around and soak my feet twice a day for a while... Plus I was weaning from breastfeeding, or rather, pumping exclusively, which, again, might be a topic for another day. Once we moved, I came down with the nastiest of colds. Then Bry got it. Then I got it back. Luckily, little Miss G came out healthy as a clam. Next, I came down with Strep throat... I mean, WHO gets Strep throat past the age of like 12? Geez... it threw me for a loop. Then came Gemma's 6 month check up at the end of April... where I found her little swollen gums which has preceded this lovely little teething experience that's still happening. 

...I think that's all for now. And what post wouldn't be complete without a few pictures of the cutest girl in the world?! I'm so in love... It's not even real sometimes!

From her 6 month photos I took- 

Ahhh, I can't even stand how much I love her sometimes. 

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