a choppy post about teething

*Doesn't this just make you want to cry? Gosh this face breaks my heart.. right in the thick of teething.

This post was written in increments... a portion written a few weeks ago... and the rest finished today.

Holy cow. Teething, man... There's a lot that goes into it. Everyone thinks teething is this short few days of miserable baby and sleepless nights and then its over. The whole process is actually a LOT longer.

My little Gemsicle has been teething for quite some time now. She's been drooling and putting everything in her mouth since about 4 months. However, after her pediatrician left the room at her 6 month check up (who said, "Oh ya, they're right there!), I noticed a little white spot on her bottom gum. Only one side, but what could only be described as a little pimple if that makes sense? That was April 30th.

Fast forward to today, May 26th. Gemma is currently, and quite literally, fighting her morning nap, crying in her room while Bry rocks her, only to push her bottle away, when it's obvious that she's hungry and tired. We're still trying to get those suckers into her mouth. She has two tiny little teeth on the bottom. One came through first, and just when I thought we were in the clear, the other one's white spot appeared and we started all over again.

Lucky for us, she still sleeps okay at night (except for that one week where she woke up every morning at 2:30 and then 5:00 for the day), but she fights me all day with everything- eating, sleeping, playing, only wants to be held, etc. I love her to pieces, but after four weeks, it can be a little wearing on Mama.

We've given her baby tylenol at night to help her sleep (that's since helped the waking at night) and I give her teethers, let her chew on my fingers, try to give her cold things to chomp on (but she doesn't always take well to them), and just give her all the love and snuggles that I can to comfort her.

Now, again fast forward to today... we've completed round one a few weeks ago.. And look at these two little crooked teeth!!
*this photo taken on June 1st- only a few days after writing that horrible rant up there! And look how happy she is!

I'm sure as soon as I hit "publish", the top two teeth will start pushing their way through Gemma's gums, but we've survived the first chunk of teething, and we'll do it again! 

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  1. Ali, another aspect of teething is the drool. Now if they drool "out" they will be sopping wet all the time and you will have to keep changing clothes throughout the day or bibs. However if they swallow most of the drool it can wreak havoc elsewhere. Babies who swallow their drool can have upset stomaches and lose acidic stool giving them rashes. I gave birth to one of each and then my last was a combo, which was perfect. I also use to push down hard on their gums when they were close to cutting and sometimes I could get it through which relieved the pain but while I pushed it would hurt and then be over. The molars are bad because they have to cut through such a large area but eye teeth are the worst because they break through in the middle of the teeth that are already there and shift all the other teeth. You are using all great techniques to help her, teething is not an easy thing to go through but the challenge of it is quickly forgotton being such a short period in a child's life. One other thing...teething does not cause a fever but because it may lower their immune system because of the stress of it all, they can be more susceptible to catching things. If she gets a fever she is probably fighting something, don't chalk it up to teething and risk exposing other children. Good luck and love to all three of you.



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