this time of the year

The end of summer. That hazy time of the year where the heat seems to linger. The mornings start early and the birds are chirping much earlier than you'd like to be awake. If you go outside before 7am, you can tell that the heat is here to stay for a while. There's always the chance of a thunderstorm and days seem to end late. Those lightning bugs are out every night. Everything smells like salt water, chlorine, sunscreen, or bug spray, or a combination of them all. And all you want is to savor this time because before you know it, the crisp air will be here with red and orange and yellow leaves falling everywhere.

I love this time of the year. Maybe it's just that I love what I described above. Maybe it's that fall is rapidly approaching {another of my favorite times of the year}. Or maybe I'm a little bit reminiscent of the summer of 2004. It was late summer when Bry and I started hanging out. Movies with friends, night swimming, trips to Friendly's, walking the beach practically every night, texting up the wazoo- you know before unlimited texting became available. Driving around listening to Dave Matthews, All American Rejects, and whatever else was on the radio. The start of school fast approaching and wanting that feeling of summer freedom to stay forever. 

Late summer, please don't be so fleeting. You're welcome to stay for a while.

*I'm fairly sure by next week, I'll be more than ready for fall ;)

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