tuesday ten

  1. There's Gemma up there, flippin' the bird. She uses her middle fingers for everything, even picks her nose with them. Hoping this will work itself out sometime soon...
  2. Also, while we're speaking of Gemma, she's teething again... Sense my excitement. She just cut another bottom tooth (total of 3 on the bottom now) and I can see one on the top just starting. Oh, and she's rubbing them together- essentially, grinding them... Yikes.. Hope she only does it while she's teething!
  3. If you do not have one of these blankets, you are missing out on the best sleeping experience of your life. We've had one for a couple of years now. I bought a king size, knowing I'd want to curl up in this stupidly soft blanket, and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made. I am giddy with excitement for the weather to cool down so I can throw this back on our bed until it's summer again.
  4. Things I'm terribly afraid of: snakes, octopus, and centipedes. Maybe I should reword that to "Animals I'm terribly afraid of"...
  5.  I've been starting to wrap my mind around Gemma's first birthday party. Namely, more that my baby is turning one in just a few short months... Excuse me while I go cry a little.
  6. Wedge sneakers- what do you think of these? I've been all over Pinterest this morning, and I'm thinking I could totally rock these this fall! Comfy mom attire for the win.
  7. Completely unrelated, why is cutting bangs such a dang commitment? I always am so on the fence about bangs, mostly because it takes me a whole year to grow them out. But it's almost fall and I've got this unreal regrowth from postpartum hair loss that looks ridiculous and maybe bangs will camouflage the ugly regrowth? {Talking about many of my struggles in this post.. shifting gears now}
  8. Okay.. the thing that cures all listed above remedies? Well, prayer, and also... a glass of Red Velvet by Cupcake... This is my favorite wine. I haven't really ever found my favorite wine. But this... this is it. 
  9. Someone mentioned *NSYNC might be performing at the VMA's this year? What?! I will be my 12 year old screaming self and jump around like a lunatic and actually tune in to the VMA's this year! Usually I could care less, but for *NSYNC, well of course!
  10. We're watching LOST again and I'm off to drink Cupcake wine and keep on knitting Gemma's baby blanket- which I'm still working on.

Happy almost-midweek! 

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