the perfect fall evening walk

After pumpkin picking last weekend, we went for a quick walk before it was time to put Gemma to bed... We were in the 6:00 hour where she was a bit fussy, but we couldn't put her to sleep that early for fear she'd wake up the next morning at 5am... So a walk it was... I can't even describe how in love I was with this night... The trees, the sky, the leaves on the ground, the bonfire-y smell in the air.. And there was something going on out at sea, because the waves were huuuge! It was almost magical! I walked around in awe. Can every night be this lovely?

^the choppy Sound

^beautiful backdrop

^these two.. happy as can be

^I couldn't take enough pictures...

^this area is typically sand.. extremely high tide?

^the creek.. I didn't want to go home!!

The photos do not do this night any justice! I just love fall and evening walks with my family. Perfect ending to pumpkin picking! :)

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