to the pumpkin patch

Yesterday, we took a trip to the pumpkin patch. We have been eager to pick out our pumpkins and take Gemma to the pumpkin patch for quite some time now. We love picking out pumpkins!

It was the perfect day. 68 degrees, windy {so sweaters were appropriate}, and super sunny! Here's the many, many photos we took!

^rows and rows and rows of pumpkins!

^just next year she'll be running through these little playhouses!

jones family farms

^do you think they are used to me taking pictures of them yet?? :)

^this kills me! I always call her "my pumpkin" and I'm pretty sure I always will!

^not really sure about putting her face in the hole, but pretty sure she knows she's cute

^lots going on in this picture.. mostly G being a cutie pie

^unsure about the pumpkins

^fall love

^my loves watching the tractor

^cheesin with mommy

^I can't even

^standing and unsure

*and a quick story.. Gemma was most enthralled by the hay... She ended up eating some while we were taking a few pictures, and then threw up {basically she spit up after gagging a few times} and I just covered it with hay... I'm still laughing about it. What else do you do when this happens and you're in a pumpkin patch?

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