the time gemma figured out she turned on the xbox herself

a while back, i would say before she turned one, i was trying to take pictures of gemma's fabulous bedhead. i couldn't help but be in love with how long her hair was getting and what it looks like when she wakes up and it's crazy {just like both of her parents' when they wake up}... i typically let her play with the remote controls after taking out the batteries {because one time she recorded "Bring It On: All or Nothing"}, but this one day, i chose to just hand her the remote. the tv was on in the background, on the xbox setting, but basically blinking "no input"... she really wasn't paying much attention. I handed her the remote {batteries in} in an attempt to keep her still and...
^hammin' it up

^what's this shiny thing? {notice the middle finger pushing the button}

^wait, it lit up??


^what'd I just do??

^no way! this turns that on???

^let's try it again!


^guys, guess what I just learned?!?!

we've kept the xbox remote from her since she started trying to play nba '13.. ahh she makes me giggle everyday! :)

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