more about baby #2

photo from 2 weeks ago already- eee time is flying!!

this feels like deja vu.. writing the "more" about my pregnancy. only this time around, i've got a little squirmer crawling around me, playing her red piano with her pink and green drumsticks, eating cheerios she finds anywhere, trying to cruise from place to place.

details on this pregnancy... i'm going to bullet point these as that's probably the easiest.
+ due date: july 8th {which means i'm 18 weeks tomorrow}
+ we found out i was pregnant again one hour before gemma's first birthday party. yes.. one hour before all our loved ones were due to show up and chat with us. we had to put on our poker faces and carry on even though we were thrilled and could barely contain ourselves.
+ we are finding out the sex again. the end of february can't come fast enough! although i am soaking up all the time i have with just my gem now.. trying to cherish this minute by minute!
+ every time we've had an ultrasound, this little babe is moving around.. looks like we've got another squirmer on our hands. this babe will have to be to keep up with big sister!
+ i'm feeling lots of movement throughout the day and gemma is on the brink of walking.. life is getting exciting over here!

more to post later :)

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