my first awkward & awesome thursday!

Last week, I found the daybook blog, which is written by Sydney, a young fashionista blogger. She created the idea of Awkward and Awesome Thursdays, and I'm all about it. So I'm gonna try it out.. hopefully it's not too awkward.. ummm haha.....ha?

-Brushing my teeth in the shower this morning and realizing that I'm using hubby's toothbrush. This wouldn't be half as bad if I didn't catch him using MY toothbrush a few days ago...
-I am ready for fall to come and its literally mid-July. I can't wait to have crisp weather, watch the leaves change, and wear fall clothes. Guess I'll have to stick out the 80 degrees for a couple more months.
-Passing a man in the mall today. I'm pretty sure he thought he knew me; however, I NEVER forget a face, and after he smiled at me and starting walking toward me, I buried my face in my phone and walked slightly away from him. eeeks- sorry guy!
-The fact that this blog has NO picture to go along with it today :(

-Hubby's contract that came in yesterday- he landed a temporary job working on a special project for a bank in NYC. After 4 months of not working, the poor guy is SO stir-crazy. So glad he'll have something to do for a few months! Go BRYYY!
-The fact that my Thursdays seem to FLY by. On Thursdays, I typically babysit from 8-1, tutor for an hour and a half, and then babysit again (about 5-10pm).
-The $$ I make from working a Thursday...Hello shopping this weekend :)
-Our engagement shoot from almost a year ago (see photo above)- courtesy of Samantha Shay Photography

Happy almost weekend everyone!

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