So here in the Johnston apartment (that does not allow dogs-grrr), we have been talking about getting a dog. It's funny because Bry was never really a dog person, or an animal person for that matter. I think I have converted him for the better.

It's definitely something we are going to do, we just need to figure a few things out and make sure it's the right time. First, we need to move into an apartment that DOES allow dogs. Then, we need to figure out what kind of dog we get. Hubby wants a husky, while I want a mini-goldendoodle (golden retriever poodle mix). But as I said, the timing is not right. SOON though!

Speaking of dogs, tomorrow- July 25- would have been my doggie's 14th birthday. So sad Tonga isn't here anymore, but I can only remember the good days with him.

-the dog who could let himself out into the backyard
-the dog who ate my baby teeth we had saved in a ziplock bag
-the dog who ran through the electric fence toward a cow and then got so startled he ran right back out
-the dog who would sleep on my bed every night
-the dog who ate panty-hose and we had to shoot peroxide down his throat with a turkey baster and make him run around the yard to throw up
-the dog who had possibly the worst gas EVER
-the most loyal, polite, kind, cuddly 100-pound dog I've ever known.

Man, I miss my "Tonga-Bonga-Bookies" so much!

Even though Bry didn't used to be a "dog-person", he admitted to liking Tonga a lot. I'm sure he'll LOVE our doggie!

Miss you Bookies.

Ps. Is it a coincidence that "All Dogs Go to Heaven" is on TV right now? I think not. :)

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