tough on the tootsies {part 1}

Bry's new job is in New York City. Every day, I drop him off at the train station in the morning and pick him up at night. When Friday came around, I decided it would be fun to meet him in the city. Well. I did meet him in the city, but the night did not go the way I thought it would.

The weather had predicted a few strong thunderstorms. I thought, "Hey, whatever, I'll just bring the umbrella.. No biggie!" I wanted to look nice, and considering Bry was in work clothes, so I took time before catching the train to blow-dry my hair and make myself look presentable. BIG MISTAKE.

I'm probably rambling at this point. I'll speed up a bit. I took the train into Grand Central and he met me there. We walked down to where his new job is. And right around the corner is Madison Square Park. We were waiting to hear from Brad and Jacki and decided to take some pictures while it was "sprinkling" out. Again, no biggie.. sprinkles, we can handle those.

Madison Square Park

handsome hubby

trying not to be awkward :)

We decide to meet Brad and Jacki in Times Square. And then, the rain starts. We ran to the subway and took the subway back to Grand Central. We only had about 3 blocks to walk to Times Square but this happened...

umm, ya.. just a shower, right?

...and then, this happened

My flip-flops began breaking. With all the water flowing through the streets, the straps loosened and I would basically walk with my heel on the ground. This made me so sad, considering I'd bought these flip-flops the night we were engaged. What can I say? I'm a sentimentalist! So there we are in H&M buying $12 flats because you can't walk around Manhattan in bare feet.. As much as I would have liked to.

We went to dinner at John's Pizza and then went to Coldstone.

As we were heading home, Bry takes a few pictures of the city. Getting to know your new camera is pretty fun, but not for the other person waiting there who has blisters on her feet.

he has become quite the photographer

this is my "babe I'm so tired" face

finally in Grand Central

I was oh so glad to get on the train and sit down.

Part 2 coming soon...

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