16 Handles

Tonight, we went to this new place in town. It's called 16 Handles. It's probably my favorite spot in town now. 16 Handles is a frozen yogurt place, where there are 16 "handles" or flavors to choose from and 52 different toppings- basically, a buffet of frozen yogurt. There's a couple other similar frozen yogurt options in the area, however, this place... amazing.

They use a weigh and pay system, where you take however much you want and pay per ounce. Tonight, I chose 3 flavors: red velvet cake, vanilla sky, and birthday cake; and 3 toppings: mini-Reese's, Butterfinger crumbles, and chocolate-covered pretzels. Bryan chose 3 flavors: red velvet cake, coffee, and peanut butter cup; and 5 toppings: strawberries, chocolate chips, chocolate-covered rainbow sunflower seeds, Heath bar, mini-Reese's. I think I might give up a meal everyday and eat this instead. Yummm!


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